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The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol., established in 2011, builds on the extensive experience that its partners and associates have acquired in leading Czech law firms. Martin Kučera, a founding partner of the firm, has been repeatedly recommended by the prestigious publication LEGAL 500 in the field of real estate and construction law, and in 2010 as an "excellent lawyer and a strong negotiator with broad knowledge of the market". Martin Kučera is also recommended in that field by the publication EUROPEAN LEGAL EXPERTS.

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. provides legal advice to Czech and foreign clients. It offers its services to enterprises, public institutions, local governments, non-profit organisations, as well as individuals. Thanks to the extensive experience of its lawyers, acquired through working on major transactions and through providing advice to leading Czech and foreign businesses, the firm offers a high standard of legal services and a thorough knowledge of the laws of the Czech Republic and the business environment, which it offers on advantageous price terms.

The primary goal of the law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. is the client's satisfaction and success. That is why it puts great emphasis on the comprehensibility and practical application of the advice it provides. Clients can count on the availability of its lawyers and that its services will be provided with speed and efficiency.

The law firm Otrubová, Kučera a spol. cooperates closely with tax advisors and other specialised advisors and is therefore able to offer its clients comprehensive assistance in their business activities.

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. maintains professional liability insurance, which may be extended for specific transactions in line with a client's wishes.

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. provides legal advice in Czech, English and German.


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