Corporate Law and Labour Law

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. provides its clients with comprehensive legal services in the establishment, governance, and management of business corporations of all legal forms, cooperatives, and condominiums. For its clients, the firm arranges the convening, organisation, and conducting of the general meetings of companies and cooperatives, the making of legal changes in companies, including changes in registered capital amounts, addressing issues concerning trade and other licences, drafting agreements for members of corporate bodies, and, last but not least, addressing the liquidation of companies.

Our legal services in this area include, in particular:

  • Establishing business corporations and cooperatives and the resolution of all related issues
  • Preparing all statutorily required documents, registry registrations, authorisations, licences, and other formal requirements necessary for the establishment and governance of companies and cooperatives
  • Drafting agreements with the members of corporate bodies and employment agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements between partners and shareholders
  • Drafting of agreements on the transfer of ownership interests and stock
  • Drafting agreements on the pledging of ownership interests and stock
  • Organising and running company general meetings, including representing clients at the general meetings of companies
  • Ensuring the making of corporate changes, in particular registered capital amounts, registered seat, and line of business; preparing changes in corporate statutes; take-over bids
  • Advice in connection with insolvency proceedings and reorganisation
  • Ensuring the liquidation, winding down, and dissolution of companies
  • Consulting in the sphere of employment law, drafting model employment agreements, work rules, and internal regulations of employers; issues concerning employee remuneration and social security; evaluation and preparation of documents for terminating employment and staff lay-offs; agency employment issues
  • Analysis and representation in labour disputes between employees and employers

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