Judicial and Administrative Disputes and Arbitration

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. represents clients in judicial and administrative proceedings and arranges for the enforcement of court decisions and activities related to execution. The firm is also able to arrange for the administration and collection of receivables.

Our legal services in this area include, in particular:

  • Analyses of potential claims, the legal position and possibilities of a client in relation to disputes with business partners or administrative or government authorities, including an evaluation of the likelihood of the client's success in the case of litigation or administrative proceedings
  • Representing clients in court of administrative or arbitration proceedings, including the drafting of submissions and attending hearings
  • Arranging the services of court experts or interpreters; arranging for the translation of written documents for the purpose of court or administrative proceedings
  • Participation in clients' negotiations with counterparties, including assistance in amicable dispute resolution; the drafting of settlement agreements
  • Legal advice in business, civil, tax, and criminal cases

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