Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Environmental Law

The law firm of Otrubová, Kučera a spol. provides its clients with comprehensive legal services concerning real estate projects. Its lawyers have extensive experience in providing advice to large development companies as well as to individuals, as lessors and lessees of commercial properties, land, family houses, and flats. The firm drafts model agreements and also offers cooperation in negotiation and the drafting of contractual documentation for the purchasing and financing of real estate and in entering into specific agreements, including loans, liens, etc.

Our legal services in this area include, in particular:

  • Due diligence with respect to real estate and real estate companies
  • Drafting of contractual documentation concerning the planning and development of real estate projects (contracts for work between the supplier and investor, sub-contractor agreements, financing)
  • Representation in zoning and construction procedures
  • Purchase and sale of real estate (including sale and lease-back) and lease of residential, office, wholesale, retail, and industrial premises
  • Purchase and sale of enterprises or companies owning real estate projects
  • Consulting in the planning and development of infrastructure for real estate projects
  • Drafting of specialised agreements with architects, project managers, and property mangers
  • Legal advice for condominiums, drafting statutes for condominiums
  • Environmental protection issues in development, EIA documentation and processes
  • Legal assistance in setting up qualified investor funds and real estate funds

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